Cover of Entertainment Law HandbookVincent Scheurer is the author of the video games section of the Entertainment Law Handbook, published by Law Society Publishing in 2007.

He is also the editor of the TIGA model video game publishing and subcontracting agreements.

Vincent has also written extensive guides to content licensing, digital distribution and publishing contracts.

In addition to writing about video games, Vincent has also written on the subject of the application of probability theory to the criminal law. His 2009 article on the miscarriages of justice in R v Sally Clark and R v Barry George is published on the website understanding uncertainty.

Vincent also writes occasional articles on finance and related issues for the Motley Fool website:

On the trail of the Black Swan
You can’t eat an iPad
Your sovereign debt crisis survival guide
A nightmare on Threadneedle Street
The real value of gold
The magic of money

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